Marybeth Bordeau Flynn
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Chrysler | Kathryn Hahn | Social Video Series

In 2018, Chrysler went all-in on family. Our task was to bring awareness to their new “relatable family” brand identity through relevant social-forward content featuring their newest brand ambassador, Kathryn Hahn. Her uninhibited and hilarious persona allowed us to create scripted, lighthearted, real-parenting moments while showcasing the best of Pacifica for everyday life.

That Pacifica Life ft. Kathryn Hahn | Sizzle Reel

27MM Impressions, 89K Engagements, 8.3MM Video Views

Back to School

The Biggest Gift

Farthest Cronut

There for You

Peace and Quiet

You Saw Nothing

That's Pure Skill

Tasty Cucumbers

Gobble Gobble

Cleaning Demo

Christmas Hideaway