Marybeth Bordeau Flynn


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I am a traveling, shoe hoarding, dog lover who looks for the humor in the ordinary and writes about it. An East Coaster living in Detroit by way of Los Angeles, my writing spans a bit of everything–everyday situations I observe or find myself in: getting older, guilty pleasures, being out of shape, getting in shape, or behaviors in others that I feel need to be part of a bigger conversation, including, but not limited to, interrupting, jort wearing, and face timing in public.

Before jumping into advertising, I ran the Creative Services group at a corporate training company in Boston. Then I moved to LA, and when in LA … you write screenplays. So, while there, I earned a certificate in Feature Film Writing from UCLA and have since written a feature, a short, a children’s book and started a memoir-style blog. All this experience converged, giving me the foundation to write scripts that range from G-rated Sesame Street to a PG-13 Kathryn Hahn. It’s crazy how things come together.

If I'm not working from my home office, you can find me at HomeGoods, Chipotle, or with a glass of Cab and a fresh stack of magazines. It’s probably easier to get in touch with me this way:

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