Marybeth Bordeau Flynn

Chrysler | Listen! Drive! Surprise! | Approach

Chrysler | Listen! Drive! Surprise! Video Series


The Ask
Harness the power of Sesame Street’s characters to give the Chrysler Pacifica a new platform and audience.

The Approach
Tap into the nostalgia of people who grew up with the show and are now minivan-buying parents. Create a thematic driving force that leverages character traits to introduce the Chrysler Pacifica and its features.

The Idea
A series of four core videos that feature Sesame Street’s Bert, Ernie, Grover, Elmo, Cookie Monster and the rest of the gang splitting into teams and facing off in the Chrysler Pacifica on America’s favorite new game show: Listen! Drive! Surprise!

The Results
The campaign resonated well with audiences across all ages, genders and channels, proving that the nostalgia angle worked:

  • Ad recall for Chrysler Pacifica moved significantly by 12 points; Ad recall scores grew significantly among both the genders and 25-54s.
  • An uplift of 18 points was seen in association of Chrysler Pacifica with Sesame Street; Both genders and 25-44s exhibited a significant increase, contributing to the total lift.
  • Generated over 225M impressions, 510K engagements, and 27M video views.
  • 6 of the top 10 most-viewed Chrysler videos of all time on YouTube.
  • Press coverage has generated over 108M earned media impressions, generating mass awareness for the campaign outside of our social channels.