Marybeth Bordeau Flynn

Chrysler | C is for Chrysler | Approach

Chrysler | C Is for Chrysler | Results


The Ask
As part of the Chrysler/Sesame Street partnership, develop relevant content in support of Listen! Drive! Surprise! to sustain the conversation throughout the year.

The Idea
C is for Chrysler: Whether hitting the road for some summer fun, or packing the car with all their friends, the gang at Sesame Street can’t get enough of the Chrysler Pacifica.

The Result
Six ancillary videos and hundreds of micro-content pieces, including cutdowns, GIFs, Instagram Stories, polls, multi-photo posts and stills. This micro-content was customized, repurposed and distributed across all our social channels and extended to cultural and holiday-themed posts.

  • "Play Ball" is currently the most-viewed organic Facebook video post for the brand YTD (69K views vs. 9.5K brand channel average).
  • The Dax Shepard “It’s Electric” Video was the most engaging Organic video on Chrysler Twitter YTD (15.7K VIEWS VS. 1.7K BRAND CHANNEL AVERAGE).